ASSSA offers high tech training&courses for the aerospace, defence and IT sectors in Turkey.

The course&trainings are organised as On-site and Public according to your requests. 
All training and courses are offered by academics or SME. 

Please contact with us for your individual course request. We open Public courses for those requesting the same courses. 
For Course instructor, course agenda and more information, please contact with us.

Eğitimler Süre
Satellite Communications (Introductory) 3 Days
Satellite Communications Engineering Training 3 Days
Satellite Communications (VSAT) Training 2 Days
SATCOM Terminal Training 2 Days
Mobile Comm Training 2 Days
LTE/4G Training (UMTS) 4 Days
Wireless Crash Course Training 4 Days
Network Transformation Training 4 Days
RF Theory and Technical Training 2 Days
Antenna Training- Engineering,Theory, Analysis and Design 3 Days
RF Engineering Training 3 Days
RF Engineering Crash Course 4 Days
System Engineering Training 4 Days
DO 178 B,C and 254 4 Days
Embedded Systems Training 4 Days
ISR Training 3 Days
Free Space&Deep Space Optical Training 3 Days
Network Centric Operation Training 3 Days
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering Certificate 5 Days
EMC/EMI Training 3 Days
MI_STD-810 Training 3 Days
Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Training 4 Days
Reliability Engineering Training 3 Days