ASSSA provides engineering, solution and consulting services to national customers to help, develope and implement inovative strategies and programmes by experts with military operational, engineering  and logistic experience in cooperation with the partner foreign companies;ASSSA services are focused on the following activities regarding the aerospace, defense and security business;

ASSSA services also include the followings;
- Strategic Research, Analysis and Report Preperation  

System Engineering

- Engineering
- R&D
- New Technology
- Concept Development
- Design
- System Requirements and Interface Units
- Prototype Development
- Test Phases
- Integration
- Procurement of Material
- Quality.
Program Management

- Support to Procurement Project
- International Project Management
- Preparing Proposal
- Bid Preperation Support
- Business Development and Market Analysis
- Offset Management
- Operational User Support
- System Training and Documentation
- Concept of Logistic System
- Strategy and Organisation Development.
International Cooperation

- Business Development
- International Cooperations
- Strategic Cooperations
- Market Analysis
- Strategies for Entering into Turkish Defence Market
- Joit Venture

Srategic Research

In regards to Defense&Security Strategies and Threat Evaluation;

- Consulting
- Research
- Analysis
- Report Preperation