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ASSSA is a limited company founded in 2009. ASSSA is dedicated to provide; Engineering, Consulting and Training services  regarding aerospace, defence and security systems.

Defence Systems

Very complex and robust defense systems are being designed, developed and produced by the countries  utilizing of the advance technology, in order to minimize or eliminate the level of global uncertainty and jeopardy stems from the continuously changing and diversifying of the symmetric and asymmetric threats in recent decades. The advance defense systems generally  consists of platforms, network systems  and  the fusion centers in  a very complex structure. Procurement of these complex systems including of high technology became also a critical process for the Government procurement institutions and agencies.

Procurement of these platforms and network systems are very important and expensive process. Comprehending and understanding the big picture of the defence systems and planning in details before and during the procurement process is so crucial phases. Procurement of a platform with high performance capability lack of vision about full infrastructure integration, does not necessarily mean of procuring a system or platform with full performance. For the procurement of complex defense systems, many countries, government procurement offices, agencies and defense companies usually prefer to receive consultancy and engineering services from the research institutes, consulting companies and senior experts to minimize the project risks during the early phase of the programs and not to encounter with an unexpected  surprise at the end of the program.

ASSSA, an independent company is committed to provide engineering and consulting services to Government institutions and private companies in regard to successful procurement of an effective defense system by self proved experts and consultants with their backgrounds in science, engineering, unrivalled operational military experience, project management and business development.

Security Systems

Today, more than ever before, security is a key issue for virtually every organization. No matter the size of your enterprise and what business you are engaged in - whether a government organization or a private company, threats to your organisation occur daily and evolve constantly. Because of the versatility of the threat, virtually every organisation has a “security gap” -that is, a gap between the organisation’s current protection level and the level it should be at to meet the latest security threats.

ASSSA, an independent company is committed to provide engineering and consulting services to the organisations in regard to successful procurement of an effective security system by self proved experts and consultants together with the companies which ASSSA is in cooperation in security sector.

Technology Training

ASSSA provides high-tech training about Aerospace, Defense, Security, IT&System Engineering, Automotive and Robotics. All training and courses are offered by academics or SME.  

Strategic Research

ASSSA provides think tank activities like research,analysis and report preparation
in regards to Defense&Security Strategies and Threat Evaluation;

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